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“CPS CHAPS” welcomes Halloween Launched the “CPS CHAPS X BLOODY

Updated: Feb 14

“CPS CHAPS” welcomes Halloween Launched the “CPS CHAPS X BLOODY BUNNY” collection inspired by famous animations! Transferred to stylish streetwear design. which perfectly combines the feel of Metaverse

Welcome the Halloween season with a cool street style look with the leading fashion brand “CPS CHAPS” in the collection “CPS CHAPS X BLOODY BUNNY” which raised the most brutal rabbit character from the famous animation ‘BLOODY ‘Bunny’ is the main inspiration for the design. with a combination of the most advanced metaverse vibe Through the season’s signature print, it can be worn day or night. By maintaining the coolness and modernity that is characteristic of “CPS CHAPS” perfectly.

“CPS CHAPS”, a leading Thai fashion brand Under the concept of “CREATIVITY. PASSION. SELF. “which is full of creative energy. and inspiration in designing clothes to look unique and unique Meet the needs of young people in the modern age who want to create a look that is cool and modern in different styles. can achieve confidence in all lifestyles

The special feature of the “CPS CHAPS X BLOODY BUNNY” collection is the brutal ‘BLOODY BUNNY’ rabbit graphic print that brings metaverse coolness to “CPS CHAPS” style chain, lightning and fire prints. ” Through a chemical bleaching technique (Acid Washing), the design team selects comfortable fabrics that can be worn all day, such as natural fibers Tencel, viscose (Viscose, Cotton Jersey, Baby French Terry, Knit, Satin, Rayon Nylon and Black Denim according to the collection’s signature color schemes are sure to make this Halloween mix and match even more fun: Off White, Fandango Purple, Bloody Red. ) and basic tones like black

Featured items of the season for girls, fans of “CPS CHAPS”, the design team has designed to meet the needs of cool girls. And continue to add a style that can intensify the suspense this Halloween night is full of suspense, be it a black tweed jacket mixed with metallic silver. Add the cool by adorning the “CPS CHAPS” necklace and pendant with a ‘BLOODY BUNNY’ print Next comes a bleached T-shirt with a ‘BOODY BUNNY’ print that can be worn every day. Including a cool print set that includes both short dresses. Long sleeve shirt, Hawaiian shirt, camisole long sleeve shirt that can be paired with a chic skirt Pants or shorts are perfect. There are also long jeans and flared pants (Split Hem) decorated with silver hardware around the waist. suitable for women who want to add sexiness There is also a hoodie that can be paired with track pants, which stands out in Fandango Purple with a BLOODY BUNNY print with the velvet embroidery technique

In addition, “CPS CHAPS” has also presented some tips for dressing up for parties on Halloween night: For women who want a fit look but want to keep it sexy, pick up a low-necked dress that is include in a metaverse print and pair it with shoes for a fun and more interesting party look. Or if anyone has to go to dinner, maybe throw a tweed jacket over it and complete the look with a cool bag. I already took a sheet. For those who are not good at wearing skirts, it is recommended to pick up the split hem flared pants with silver trim around the waist. to add sexiness to the party night Match it with a long sleeve shirt designed to reveal the shoulders and nape of the neck. Ready to complete the look with a favorite pair of boots. For men, you can pick up a cool bleached printed t-shirt. Wear it with jogger pants in matching colors and match it with boots for a cool look. In the style of the young man “CPS CHAPS” or if anyone wants a more formal look, he can wear loose fit jeans with a Hawaiian shirt and top it off with a light printed denim jacket. It will have a look that looks more intense.

Shop the special “CPS CHAPS X BLOODY BUNNY” collection today at all “CPS CHAPS” stores and online at or Chat & Shop Hotline 02-367-2070.

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